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I've been collecting sports cards for years. Back in the day, I was much more into the hobby. So much so, that it went from hobby to business while I was in high school. My dad helped me secure tables at sports card shows in my area. He built me a display case, and drove me wherever that weekend's show was. I never really made a lot of money, but a learned a lot out there.

After high school I drifted in and out of the hobby. But more recently I got back in pretty heavily, at least I tried to.

Over the last couple of years, the sports card hobby has exploded. With massive increases over the last 18 months specifically. If you're into sports cards, you're probably aware that major retail stores couldn't even have sports card products out on the shelfs. In fact, many have suspended sports card sales in store.

But that's what happens when some single cards are selling for tens-of-thousands of dollars online.

We've been covering some of these sales for the past few months, with players like LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Patrick Mahomes, Kobe Bryant, and Josh Allen all having cards that have sold for more than $50,000 on eBay. Not just once either, all of these players, and others, have had multiple sales in the five digit range, with many breaking the $100,000 mark.

Last week, there were 5 major sales of NBA cards that will keep this type of hype going.

Three LeBron James rookie cards all sold for (basically) $75,000 or more. While a Kobe Bryant card (not even a rookie) cleared $100,000. But the biggest sale went to a modern card of a vintage player. A Wilt Chamberlain autographed card topped $180,000. All of these sales happened on eBay too. Check out some more big sales here:

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