UPDATE: Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain has released more information about this fight at a Louisiana casino.

The sheriff tells KEEL News it happened early Sunday morning and involved several people. His deputies issued summonses to 5 men for simple battery charges. He tells us two of the men were from Pineville, Louisiana and the other three are from Grant Parish.

The sheriff tells us no one involved in the fight needed medical treatment, but a man fell on a woman who was playing slots and she was taken to the hospital.

We asked the sheriff what started the fight and he said “that’s a good question and I’m not really sure, but alcohol was definitely involved.”

The Grant Parish Sheriff's Office responded to a responded to a report of a pretty big fight on the floor of the casino at the Jena Choctaw Pines Casino in Dry Prong, Louisiana.
 KEEL News spoke to the police chief in the small town just north of Alexandria and he tells us the sheriff's office responded to the fight. But we are not certain yet if any arrests have been made.
In the video, you can clearly see several people duking it out and at one point a woman jumps on a man's back to get him to stop punching another casino patron. Security personnel are on the scene but they were having a hard time breaking things up.

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