We're going to lose an hour of sleep this Sunday, so you might want to go easy on yourself Saturday. Daylight Saving Time will officially begin at 1:59:59 am so we'll go from that time to straight up 3:00 am.

So, officially, there won't be a 2:00:00 am hour this Sunday morning. What's it mean to us? Just set the clock FORWARD one hour before you go to bed Sunday night (unless you've got one of those clocks that does this automatically) and you'll be good to go Sunday. Well, as good to go as you can be with an hour less sleep.

Course it also means you'll have to reset the clock on your microwave, coffee pot, stove, inside your truck and your old school watch. You're an old pro at this so it's probably not a problem, it's just really inconvenient.

The upside to losing the hour of sleep is having a little daylight left after you get home from work in the coming weeks, because you know there's going to be grass to mow, fish to catch, and spring projects to begin. (Finishing those projects is only for the newlyweds who haven't learned the art of procrastination)

There is talk of eliminating "Daylight Saving Time" in the coming years, but for now, you'll just have to conform, or plan to be an hour late to everything.

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