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While much of the talk about treating and defeating the COVID-19 pandemic has been focused on vaccines, there's another path to fighting back. Drug manufacturers have been working on treatments for COVID-19 in addition to all of the work being put into the development of vaccinations. One of those treatments has been monoclonal antibodies.

Today the drug company Eli Lilly announced that their monoclonal antibody treatment has shown the ability to not only treat COVID-19 infections, but to prevent COVID-19 infections.

This is the first major study on the concept of using monoclonal antibody treatment as a preventative measure, but shows strong indications based on the data released by Eli Lilly. According to the information that Eli Lilly released, their study was based around nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The study was a placebo based study that involved over 1,000 residents and staff members at these facilities.

The results published by the drug company say that residents and staff who received the treatment saw a 57% lower risk of contracting COVID-19 vs those who received the placebo. Looking at just the residents, removing the staff, the risk was reduced by a staggering 80%. 

This research was not conducted solely by the drug company. The research involved help from the National Institutes of Health, which helps to bring credibility to the findings.

In late 2020 the Food and Drug Administration gave Emergency Use Authorization to Eli Lilly's antibody treatment, and the drug maker says they've planning to further expand the scope of that authorization.


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