Alcohol and poor life choices often can be found together. Most of us have a "drinking story" that we'd just as soon forget. Hopefully, your story only involved bed spins and the cotton mouth. However, this story from the Slidell area has even seasoned law enforcement officers laughing out loud.

The incident began Saturday night when officers in Slidell pulled over what was described as a car full of drunks. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and taken to jail. The passengers in the car were sent home in a cab. That should have been the end of the story but according to the Slidell Police Department Facebook page, it was only the beginning.

Officials say a friend of the incarcerated driver decided that she would drive to the jail to bail her friend out. The problem with this mission was that the friend had not yet sobered up enough to drive. So, she drove directly to the jail while still under the influence. It was like a gift to the police department.

While this story is quite humorous it's a very sobering reminder of the consequences of driving while drunk. In this case, two people will have jail time, legal expenses, and a myriad of other issues to resolve. However, in many cases, those who drive drunk or their innocent victims pay a much higher price in bodily harm and death.


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