It's not yet known exactly what Florida is trying to accomplish, but this week they decided to give LSU a place on their schedule that is generally reserved for "lesser" competition. Which should put LSU Coach Ed Orgeron in a spot where he won't really need "bulletin board material" that week.

Any football team, and any level (including high school), generally makes every attempt to put a game you feel really good about winning, down as your homecoming game. Some colleges even go as far as scheduling teams from lower divisions that week to try and lock in that win.

So the move made by Florida this week has left many scratching their head. Here's the breakdown from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"The rivalry has taken a new step between LSU and Florida as the Gator football program announced Thursday that its 2017 homecoming opponent will be LSU. This comes on the heels of last year’s situation with Florida not wanting to give up its home game against the Tigers even though a hurricane was approaching. After much controversy the teams agreed to let Florida play in Baton Rouge last season, if LSU went to Gainesville the next two seasons. Florida will host LSU on October 7th."

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