The NFL has actually made a couple of steps over the past few years to appear human in the eyes of their customers. They've taken steps to publicize and educate their fans on important issues such as domestic violence, obesity, and drug use. They've even allowed a little fun back into the touchdown celebration this year. However, in the wake of Hurricane Irma, I think they're missing a great opportunity.

The NFL has quashed that opportunity by denying a request made by the Miami Dolphins..Team owner Stephen Ross told the Miami Herald that he made the request that the game be moved from London back to Miami. The reasons for his request seem very valid if you ask me.

The players for the Miami Dolphins have been out of their homes for almost two weeks because of Hurricane Irma. The team's season opener against Tampa Bay was postponed because of the storm. The team will travel to Los Angeles this Sunday to open the season against the Chargers.

On October the first, just three weeks after the storm, the team would have another extended road trip. They are supposed to play the New Orleans Saints in London. It would be nice if that game could be played in Miami for a lot of different reasons.

I know the league has their reasons and most of them are dollar signs. There are also contractual obligations and I can understand that too. Still, the city of Miami and South Florida will still be reeling from Irma. As we in Louisiana know sometimes a football game or a football team can take your mind off the storm and the trouble it has caused.

I think the Saints helped a lot of us keep our sanity after Katrina and Rita in 2005. The sport, the game, the team, was a respite from recovery, rebuilding, and remorse. It was a break. A much-needed break.

I know the NFL has spoken and they won't change their mind. I do applaud Mr. Ross for making the request. I am sure he knew it wouldn't fly when he made it but still he made it. That has to be worth something. It is to me.

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