I remember a few years ago, I heard a rumor that has stuck with me ever since.

There's a floating belief among folks in Shreveport-Bossier, that our Air Force base may actually be in possession of a way to actually force the air above us. Weird I know, but let me explain.

No one seems to know why or even how, but some people in town believe that Barksdale Air Force Base has somehow created a weather bubble around itself and surrounding areas.

I tried to explain this conspiracy theory to some friends of mine while playing golf yesterday. See, we were supposed to get rained on quite heavily yesterday, but I told them we should be good due to the Barksdale Bubble. Turns out, after 18 holes of golf, we only got a few drops, even though the cities around us were getting it pretty good. That's not to say we literally never get rain, but for some reason, a lot of these big storms seem to head straight for us, then narrowly avoid our area.

Ever since I heard this rumor, I check my radar app anytime a major storm is coming, and it honestly feels like 80% of the time, we miss the nasty stuff even though we were dead in the storm's tracks. Here are some prime examples.





This seems to amplify in the winter months, when meteorologist all but say "IT WILL SNOW" only for the snow to come down every where around us, but not actually come down in the SBC.

I even attempted to explain the phenomenon to our in-house Air Force spouse, Jess, who then told me just last night she watched the radar only to see the storm split around us as it got closer.

Mario Valverde, meteorologist-in-charge at The National Weather Service in Shreveport shoots down the claim saying, "I've heard several theories in regards to things like this. What people observe is there's some particular part of town that doesn't get as much severe weather as other places. When we go back and look at things like that, and really take a close look at it, those types of things really don't exist." He continued by saying, "After observing 100 years worth of data, there's no real distinguishable bubble or area that gets less weather than other areas."

Does Barksdale Air Force Base actually control the weather around us? Do they have some type of secret technology that allows them to harness mother nature? Is this just a crazy conspiracy theory based off pure coincidences? Vote below!



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