This little critter is not one you want to mess with.

Over the weekend the LSU baseball team took on Arkansas in a three-game series. The Tigers swept Arkansas, but that's not even close to the headliner from the series. On Saturday, two two battled it out for 10 innings, and even that's not the headliner of the weekend.

The headliner was the possum that interrupted the game.

In the bottom of the seventh inning Arkansas was up 9-4. As the Tigers were taking their swings, the game had to stop due to a baby possum running across left field. At first he looked quite cute a cuddly, but it didn't take long to realize that this little guys meant business and didn't want anyone touching him.

He quickly puffed up the ridge on his back and showed his teeth to anyone who cam close to him. Eventually, a couple of players and staff members were able to surround him and get him into a trash can.

The game resumed... As normally as possible.

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