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Look, I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist...but there's something not right about the recent COVID 'scare' involving former Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant. Bryant, who is now a member of the Baltimore Ravens, was scheduled to take on his former team in prime time Tuesday Night. He was jacked about it. He did interviews about it. The game plan for the Ravens (allegedly) called for a heavy dose of Dez. It was everything he's been waiting for since the Cowboys cut him a few years ago. He had something to prove to the people that threw him away. But, he never got that chance due to all kinds of craziness.

In case you don't know, early in the day on Tuesday, Dez had what is being referred to as an 'inconclusive' COVID-19 test result. Doctors checked everything out and cleared him to show up at the stadium and suit up for the game. He was shown, on national TV, running around the stadium, hugging fellow players, etc.. However, an hour or so before kickoff, the decision was made to re-test Dez. That test came back with a positive result and he was pulled from the game and sent. Immediately after the announcement, the NFL announced that their contract tracers said Dez caused no issues because he wasn't in close contact with anyone...despite being seen on television hugging guys and hanging out.

Now, here's where things get interesting: according to Dez, he had back to back negative tests after game day. Also, according to ESPN, the Ravens have not added Bryant to the COVID-19 and he's still apart of the game plan moving forward. It's beginning to look like this was one of those 'false positives' we hear so much about.

However, I think it may be more than that. Look, like I said at the beginning, I hate to sound like conspiracy theorist but something just seems off here. We all KNOW Jerry Jones has a lot of pull with the NFL. He's one of, if not the, most powerful owner in the National Football league. I would venture to say it is not a wide stretch of the imagination to say that Jerry could pull off some miracles with a few phone calls.

Now, I'm not saying that Jerry called in some favors to get Bryant pulled from the game. But, there's something off about this whole situation. Why didn't the NFL cancel the game? Despite their claims, Dez CLEARLY was in close contact with other guys. None of this makes sense. None of it.

What does make sense is that Jerry wouldn't want a former superstar he bailed on to torch his terrible defense. Again, not saying that Jerry called in some favors to protect 'America's Team'...I'm just saying that something is off here and Dez got the short end of all of it.

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