Last weekend in Tiger Stadium, the LSU Tigers wore their purple uniforms with a white helmet combination against Northwestern State. After the Tigers won, ESPN's Scott Van Pelt kept talking about the uniform combo on ESPS's flagship show, SportsCenter.

Seems like someone may have taken notice.

LSU knew they would have to wear a different road jersey this weekend (honestly there is no LSU "road jersey") in Nashville, because Vanderbilt will be wearing an alternative color jersey that's mostly white. So LSU had announced they'd be bringing the purple jerseys on the road. But the helmet and pants combo was a little bit of a secret. Until LSU Tweeted this...

So is that it, do we get "the cleanest uni in college football" for two weeks in a row from LSU? Sounds like it. Which seems to have made SVP pretty happy based on this Tweet-back:

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