An area sports hero gets to celebrate in a way only he can. Springhill's Devin White took his beloved horse Daisy Mae for a ride around the Tampa Bay football field with the Lombardi trophy. You might remember he did something very similar while he was a star at LSU. He took a little horseback ride at Tiger Stadium.

White promised he would take this ride if his Bucs could beat Kansas City and win the Super Bowl. He did just that, taking a joyous ride around Raymond James Stadium, trophy in hand. White told reporters:

I don’t care what they say. I’m putting the horse out and I’m going to hold the Lombardi Trophy and ride around the whole stadium. They can do whatever they want to do, but guess what? I’m gonna be on top of the world.


He kissed the iconic trophy just before taking his victory lap. The only thing missing were fans in the stands to cheer him on. But he is getting lots of attention on social media for his unique way of celebrating.

I know Tom Brady won the MVP trophy for the Super Bowl win, but in my mind, if Devin White was not such an integral part of the Bucs, defense things might have turned out differently. He made an impact on almost every defensive play and secured the win with a huge interception.

White was the #5 pick in the NFL draft in 2019 and has been a leader on the defensive side of the ball since his rookie season.



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