Former North Webster and LSU football star Devin White has become an NFL star with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After a stellar rookie season, White has become a fan-favorite on a team that has now welcomed the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady, to the roster.

With the addition of Brady, the team is taking the opportunity to re-launch their jersey schemes. With some color adjustments, and totally new designs. As the team launched the new jerseys, they looked to their new defensive star, Devin White. Here's their launch video, including White sporting the most striking new jersey that Tampa Bay rolled out...

The red and white versions of the jerseys don't look much different than what the Bucs have been wearing for the last few years. But the "pewter" colored jersey is something we haven't seen before. Giving White the first chance to be seen in the jersey on their debut video is a pretty big statement.

Here's a closer look at the jerseys:

It's just sad that White, and Tom Brady, will have to get beat by the New Orleans Saints twice in their new threads.

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