This is clever.

The National Football League has elected to relocate the game between the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills.

A powerful snowstorm is moving into the region and it is predicted that Buffalo, NY may receive up to four feet of snow.

While conditions in Buffalo should improve by Sunday, in time for the game, the NFL has decided to move the game from Buffalo to Detroit.

No, this isn't the first time a game is relocated, back in 2014 the NFL had to make the same call due to inclement weather conditions.

So, the Detroit Lions will open their doors to Ford Field and the "home game" in Detroit now belongs to Buffalo.

If you know anything about Buffalo Bills fans, also known as the Bills Mafia, they are known for breaking tables during pre-game festivities.

Therefore, Detroit sent this Tweet out welcoming the Bills and their fans, but there's a catch at the end of it. And yes, it all has to do with tables during tailgating for Bills fans.

In an interesting twist to this relocation, the Lions host the Bills on Thanksgiving Day, therefore I feel like the Bills and their fans are there to stay.


Again, the Lions know what is to come.


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