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Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is set to return August 19th-21st at the Shreveport Convention Center. The 2022 Geek'd Con will be the 7th show in Downtown Shreveport since 2015.

The guests for 2022 already include legendary actor Clint Howard, "Peacemaker" star Steve Agee, horror icon John Kassir, Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn, and AEW stars Darby AllinSammy Guevara, and Danhausen.

There have also been a ton of comic book creators added to the lineup for 2022. Including the creator of X-Men member Rogue Michael Golden, Marvel's Zombie King Arthur Suydam, and Geek'd Con fan favorite Roland Paris, among others.

Over the last few years, there have been multiple different levels of tickets every year, from weekend to VIPs, single days for every day of the show, kids weekend passes...a lot of choices.

Ticket details for 2022 have now been posted, and there are some changes from previous years.

TSM Live Events
TSM Live Events

Moving forward, the biggest change is that all tickets will be "Weekend passes". If you buy a ticket to the show, you will be able to come and go whenever you'd like. No more confusion about what day which ticket is good for. If you buy an advanced ticket, you can show up whenever you'd like, and come back into the show as much as you'd like.

The "VIP" ticket is also being replaced by a Premium Pass. Also being phased out as the separate VIP entrance, and earlier VIP start time. However, the whole show will now start an hour earlier on Saturday.

With a Premium Pass guests will get a full weekend ticket, a FREE Geek'd Con shirt, reusable Geek'd Con bag, exclusive VIP Badge, and you get to jump to the front of the line for Pro Photo Ops for your favorite guests!

There will once again be a Military Discount, but not in advance. Since the Military Discount comes by providing your proof of service, they will be available at the Box Office only.

Tickets will also see a price increase at the Box Office compared to the online advanced ticket price. So make sure to save money and buy ahead of time. Speaking of buying ahead of time...there are Early Bird tickets too.

If you buy your Premium Pass during the Early Bird period, you can save $20 a ticket!

Check out the full ticket info here.

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