The hit TV show was permanently cancelled this week by Paramount Network.

I can't possibly explain how weird it is to type that new episodes of COPS will no longer be on TV. This show has been around longer than I (and many of you) have been alive. COPS was scheduled to air their 33rd season beginning this week, but no episode has aired on the Paramount Network since June 1st.


For the time being, re-runs of COPS can be found on WGN America and the streaming service Pluto TV. WGN's contract with COPS expires this month however, and the network does not plan to renew it.

Paramount Network originally pulled COPS from their schedule following the tragic death of George Floyd, and the following protests. Now, just a few days later, new episodes of COPS will either exist on another network sometime in the future, or we have finally seen the last new episode of the legendary TV show.

I remember growing up, I would watch COPS seemingly on a constant basis. It was simply always on, and you absolutely never knew what you would see next. Granted, these days I tend to watch Live PD, although the future of A&E's hit show is also up in the air. At this time, A&E has pulled Live PD from it's programming, but hasn't made any permanent decisions at this time.

32 seasons of COPS is quite the accomplishment. Personally, I wish the show could go on forever, but all good things must come to an end, unfortunately.

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