There are some jobs, no matter the extenuating circumstance of a worldwide pandemic, where the pressure never stops...and without a doubt major-college football coach is one of those. So what if you had virtually no preseason practice time, a number of your top players "opted out," you never know til Friday if you'll even have a game on Saturday and to top it all off, there's no guarantee that your best players won't be ruled out of the game for quarantine.

Yep, when you're making three or four or five million dollars a year, you don't catch many breaks and when you're running the multi-million dollar operation that is a major college football team, everybody wants success and they want it now.

So, even though we've yet to name any conference champs and the first CFB power rankings for the season have just been released, there a big-time coaches, a number of them, who find themselves in the cross hairs of unemployment...and no one is accepting any excuses.

Here are the top six College Coaches on the Hot Seat. And yep, there's not only one, but a couple of very, very familiar names.

College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat...and Guess who's On the List?

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