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Are you a fan of the unbelievable when it comes to NFL football and the incredible talent these athletes have? How about the insane athletic ability most of us only dream we could possess?

Well, there used to be a video game where limits where pushed and you could utilize your favorite players to engage in anything goes street style football.

This game had three installments in the mid-2000s ('04-'06) and was called NFL Street. You could defy logic with insane no-look passes, ankle-breaking shakes, impossible broken tackles, running on walls, and earth-shattering hits.

It was a fun cross between the straight-up style of Madden and the ruthless absurdity of NFL Blitz.

On Thursday EA Sports announced that they'll be reviving the NFL Street style gameplay but this time it'll be mixed in with the latest version of the classic Madden game. No, it won't be a mash-up but it'll be a mode you can access within Madden 21 and it looks awesome.

If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself via the Madden NFL 21 Twitter account:

Introducing, The Yard. A backyard style game mode you can access within the Madden 21 MVP Edition of the game. There's fresh new gear, the ability to create your own avatar player, sweet new field locations to ball at, and so much more.

The new field locations include Lambeau Tailgate field in Green Bay, Miami Port, Forward Operating Base Nico at an undisclosed location, and Brandenburg Football Festival in Berlin Germany.

Personally, I can't wait to check out the rebirth of one of my all-time favorite games.


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