Food truck owners around the area are upset about what's happening in Bossier City. They claim the city is running them out by putting a moratorium in place.

Boona Bean

Sam Marsiglia, the MPC Director tells KEEL News

The City of Bossier City is currently in the tenth month of a Food Truck/Food Trailer moratorium. I asked the city to enact a moratorium as the MPC office was being inundated with requests for Food Trucks and Food Trailers to permanently set up in commercial parking lots and vacant lots throughout the city. The moratorium has been in effect for 10 months. The original moratorium was in effect for 6 months and was renewed for another 6 months as a new ordinance is being developed in house. The MPC office may need another 6 months to complete the new regulations.

The release from Bossier says this moratorium does not eliminate food trucks and trailers from operating totally. But it does not allow them to set up at one location to sell to the general public. If they wish to go to a plant or large business to sell strictly to the employees that work for that particular business, not the general public at large, they can do so. Or if they are catering a particular event or invited by a neighborhood HOA to sell within their neighborhood for a food truck night, they are free to do so.

Marsiglia says the new regulations will have rules for how how a food truck can be at a certain location.

The East Bank District will have areas for them to sell during festivals or events and possibly some other areas will be created for mobile food vendors.

All mobile food vendors must have the proper Certificate of Occupancy from the MPC office and all licenses required by the city and the health department.



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