On July 14, 1969, Peter Fonda's "Wyatt" set out in search of America atop his heavily modified chopper boldly sporting the red, white, and blue.  When the saga of Wyatt and Billy's (Dennis Hopper) journey from L.A. to New Orleans hit the silver screen, it was (and still is) a cultural phenomenon.

Now, as we approach the movie's 50th anniversary, Fathom Events has announced that not only would they be offering fans the chance to see the iconic film on the big screen - they've made it better than ever!  Fathom, Cineteca di Bologna, and Sony Pictures Entertainment have painstakingly remastered Easy Rider, and will present it in 400 theaters nationwide in 4K.  Seeing it in theaters would have been plenty, but seeing it in the highest possible digital clarity and sound should serve up a unique experience no matter how many times you have seen a young Jack Nicholson wear that goofy helmet.

Tinseltown Shreveport will be hosting the nearest show on July 14th and the 17th at 4 and 7 pm.  Find more locations and times here.

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