The owner of Boona Bean Coffee Company says he'll have to leave Bossier City.  As he went on Facebook Live this morning, one of the things, owner, David Hansen claims, is that Bossier City "can't figure out what to do with food trucks in Bossier."

And Hansen might be on to something.  According to his comments, he says that in July of 2018, after Bossier City issued a 6 month moratorium that would stop food trucks from running in the city limits, when the moratorium expired, the city extended it, without any changes or explanation.

He explains that because of this, he'll no longer operate within the limits of Bossier City, except at festivals.  Hansen does state that he'll be moving his "catering truck" to Shreveport and getting whatever permits are required and running in Shreveport again.

Hansen does state that "I moved from Shreveport to Bossier because I wanted to be closer to my home and I love the city of Bossier, however the City Council has decided that food trucks can no longer park the way that we park."

We've reached out to Bossier City to get some clarification on the moratorium, and as of this writing, have not received any response.

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