There is no manual on how to be a parent. There is no manual on how to really take care of a child. There are some self-help books but when it comes to children there's really only one thing you can depend on.

That is common sense. Most of us that have children or care for children have some of that. Apparently, that particular trait did not trickle down a Jennings woman who is now accused of multiple charges stemming from an incident where a four-year-old child was set on fire and burned.

To make matters worse the woman in question delayed getting help for the child to cover her own criminal actions. She also lied about how the child became injured as well.

State Fire Marshal's office spokesman Brant Thompson told the Louisiana Radio Network that Gail Brown a 29-year old woman from Jennings was supposed to be taking care of her two nieces, aged 6 and 4. She wasn't. She left them in a car outside a house while she was allegedly being paid for sex inside the house.

The course of events that followed were absolutely horrifying to me. The 6-year-old discovered a lighter in the vehicle in which the two kids were left. She then set the clothing of the 4-year-old on fire. The child was able to exit the vehicle with her clothing on fire.

It was not until Brown heard the child screaming did she exit the home to find the 4-year-old standing on the porch engulfed in flames

Thompson went on to explain that Gail Brown is an even worse human being than you're already thinking she is.

Even as this child laid suffering in her vehicle from burn injuries, Brown traveled where the child's parent was and never called for emergency crews.

As you might imagine the charges against Gail Brown have been piling up. She is currently charged with prostitution, child desertion, and false swearing for the purposes of violating public health or safety.

The four-year-old child is currently being treated for her injuries at a burn hospital in Galveston Texas.



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