Shreveport Rep. Barbara Norton says its her responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure movie patrons are safe. "We don't know what tomorrow may bring, or the next day, but we do know if take the initiative to put some measurements in place, we'll feel better about knowing that we've done something.", Norton said, in defense of her bill that would require all movie theaters in Louisiana to install metal detectors.

The bill is in response to an incident in Lafayette this past summer in which a gunman in a movie theater opened fire, killing two and wounding nine. Norton says she's received many positive phone calls supporting her proposal. "Knowing without a doubt, all those families who lost loved ones, they are looking and they are hoping and they are praying that something is done in order to tell our citizens that we are putting forth an effort.", said Norton, adding that wouldn't cost theaters much to install a metal detector or a wand at least. "It's about one thing, it's about saving lives and it's about making sure that everyone that attends the movies, that they feel safe."

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