Fans of the New York Yankee affiliate team the Charleston RiverDogs are boasting over the awesome happenings at a recent game. No, it had nothing to do with the teams or game itself, but rather what occurred during the rain delay.

As rain began to descend and the tarp covered the field, one of the team’s part-owners decided to head out onto the field and treat it as a giant Slip-N-Slide. Oh, did we mention that part-owner is Bill Murray?

Even at age 61, the legendary funny man proves that he’ll still do anything for a laugh. And boy did he entertain! It seems unnecessary to say, but the crowd ate up Bill’s antics in gulps, roaring during his leaps and slides and even coercing him to continue.

Being a tip-top showman Bill of course had to bask in the glory of his comedy, giving a tiny lap with a hand raised as the cheers poured in.

In the end, as Bill headed back to the dug-out, he seemed rather tired. Remember, he is 61! But regardless, surely his little sprint was worth it in his mind. Ours as well. Thanks, Bill!

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