According to reports, a person riding a bicycle near a skyscraper in New Orleans was struck by debris that was blown off of the top of the building. The area around the building has been closed off to traffic until the winds subside.

See the report from @NOLAnews below.

According to the above report, the bicyclist was riding past the abandoned Tower Plaza building near the Central Business District in New Orleans when they were struck by paneling from the skyscraper.

High winds caused the debris to come off of the 45-story building and fall onto the bicyclist. Medical service representatives said that the bicyclist was transported to an area hospital for evaluation, but the injuries were non-life threatening.

The report includes that the Plaza Tower building has been vacant since 2002. How long roads around the skyscraper will be closed for is unknown.

What a miserable bike ride that must have been. To be struck by debris out of nowhere must be both painful and surprising all at the same time. Hopefully, the cyclist can find a new route to get around the Big Easy as this one may come with some bad memories should they choose to pass the Plaza Tower again.

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