It's tournament time. The time of the year when college baseball fans can really amp up their interest in their favorite team. The NCAA Men's Baseball Tournament is one of my favorite events to follow.

Many Louisiana baseball fans will be keeping a watchful eye on what happens at Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge this weekend. They will also be watching to see if Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel severe weather crew show up as well.

This afternoon, weather permitting, the LSU Tigers will open regional play against Texas Southern University at 2:30. The weather forecast is iffy at best.

The nightcap is supposed to begin at 7:00 PM and the chance of rain by that time of the day is considerably less. In that game, Southeastern Louisiana is slated to take on Rice University out of Houston Texas.

Let's assume that all the games scheduled for today get played today. Then comes the issue of Saturday's forecast. For the scheduled game times forecasters have anywhere from a 60% to an 80% chance of rain. The elimination game is set for 3:00 PM. That's when forecasters have the rain chances at 70% or more.

From what I understand, you can play college baseball in a light rain. However, heavy rain and of course lightning mean it's time to clear the field, pull the tarp, and play the waiting game. The rain chances do dissipate considerably for Saturday night. You can bet the teams will play all the way up to the NCAA time limits.

Then comes Sunday. A day when the rain chances are even greater. Heavy Sigh. All we want to do is play college baseball. Let's hope the forecasters are slightly off on their predictions and all the games can get in on time. If there are delays the regional can conclude on Monday.

However, if they can't decide it on the field on Monday then it will be up the NCAA to determine what team will move on to the Super Regional portion of the tournament the following weekend. Here is how that process works. We are paraphrasing the NCAA Rule Book:

Regional. If inclement weather limits play and every effort has been made to complete competition the team that will advance to the Super Regional will be based on the following:

0 games played Highest seed

1 games played Highest seed

2 games played Highest undefeated seed

3 games played Highest undefeated seed

4 games played Highest seed

5 games played Highest undefeated seed

6 games played Winner of game 6 unless each team has one loss, therefore the teams are tied, then:

1) Head-to-head competition.

2) Highest remaining seed.

Let's hope the weather breaks and we get to settle this on the field.

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