Atlanta can't ever catch a break when it comes to their rivalry with New Orleans.

The root of this strife is undoubtedly seated between each city's respective NFL football team as the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons have been rivals since the former entered the league back in 1967.

In addition to their bi-annual battles on the field, the fanbases of each respective team (as well as casual residents of their host cities) waste no opportunity to take digs at one another, and this week it was the Atlanta Braves World Series Championship parade that ended up in the crosshairs of NOLA Twitter.

A video posted by @GAFollowers showed a portion of what was reportedly the World Series Championship celebration for the Atlanta Braves. As you can see, things were moving quickly.

Apparently, this video was no isolated incident because there were numerous complaints about how fast the parade moved through other parts of the Atlanta area.

Soon, multiple tweets began to pile on with people airing their grievances on the swift speed of the Braves parade.

While some were genuinely upset by the parade zooming by too quickly in the Downtown area, others had jokes.

According to multiple accounts, the parade in Cobb was a lot better than the one in Downtown Atlanta.

New Orleans Saints reporter Amie Just shared it on Twitter and the Who Dat Nation ate up the opportunity to drag Atlanta. After all, NOLA is kinda known for doing this whole parade thing, right?

That wasn't the only drama at the parade as police detained an Atlanta Braves pitcher.

We'll see if the Saints use any of this footage this weekend as they host the rival Atlanta Falcons this Sunday at noon in the Caesars Superdome.

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