This morning, NFL fans woke up to a huge surprise, when they found out free agent Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was in New Orleans, working out with the Saints. 

It would be very interesting to see Drew Brees run an offense with Michael Thomas and Antonio Brown both on the field, but even with Brown working out for the Saints, it's very unlikely we'll see this come through.

Brown has been with two franchises already this season, and has a ton of baggage with him, including an ongoing investigation from the NFL Commissioner's Office. That investigation would likely keep Brown off the field for the Saints, due to his placement on the Commissioner's Exempt List:

So even if the team wanted Brown's services, they'd likely have to wait until next season, and based on his recent record, that would almost be inviting trouble into the franchise. There's a case to be made for a short term deal with Brown to use him in the playoffs, but anything longer than that could lead to implosion.


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