Road rage, sometimes it's a flip of a finger, a honk of the horn, or in extreme cases, it results in the loss of life. While family members of NFL player Joe McKnight are still trying to make sense of a senseless act, the legal system is trying to sort things out too.

What we know is there was an altercation in New Orleans between McKinght and Ronald Gasser. The end result of that altercation was McKinght was fatally shot on a New Orleans street. Gasser has been charged with manslaughter in the case.

Was it a case of self-defense? Was Gasser justified in the use of deadly force? A lot of that will depend on Gasser's testimony and eye-witness accounts of the incident. One legal analyst suggested in his comments to the Lousiana Radio Network that Gasser's testimony alone might not be enough to sway a ruling in the case in his favor.

It’s got to be bolstered by the other witnesses who say Joe McKnight. If they describe him as acting like a crazy person and a nut it helps the defendant.

Legal analyst Tim Meche also suggested that legal maneuvering in the case could make a significant difference in how the case is decided.

In a case like this, the District Attorney might be smart to take it to a grand jury and let them decide the appropriate charge, that takes a lot of political heat off of him.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand explained to the media, that the current charge in the case against Gasser is manslaughter. It's possible that charge could be upgraded or downgraded depending upon the final results of the investigation of the case.

Meche indicated in his comments that all Gasser and his legal team would actually need to do is explain a reasonable fear. That reasonable fear and the actions Gasser took would then be supported by state law. 

We have a specific statute in Louisiana that says you can shoot and kill somebody if they are trying to forcefully enter your vehicle, yes, and I think that statute is going to control this case.

Meanwhile, a man is dead and another man's future is in limbo. It's all because of an incident that occurred on the streets that didn't have to happen. Perhaps this could serve as a lesson to us all that violence will never be the answer.