They say the devil works hard, but Nick Saban works harder.

Honestly, when I saw the College Playoff Selection Committee place Alabama at #5 after their loss to Auburn, I knew it was coming. The odds were in Alabama's favor heading into Conference Championship weekend. There was no way that all four teams ahead of them won convincingly enough to keep Alabama out.

So here we are. Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Alabama.

Ohio State tried to argue their way in, but they lost to Iowa by over 30 this season. USC tried to make a push to get in, and honestly, they deserved it more than Ohio State. Hey, University of Central Florida is undefeated, 15-30 years ago, they'd be the National Champions.

But we've asked for a playoff system, and they've given us a 4-team playoff. If this season proves anything, it's that 4 teams isn't enough. If you have a "Power 5" set of conferences, and a big set of others, you have to start considering expanding this. Give your "Power 5" auto-bids based on Conference Championships, then have at least one, hopefully 3, at-large bids. Build it out to an 8-game playoff, and you'd be in much better shape.

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