This "invention" is not even on the market yet, but it sure has caused controversy among law enforcement and gun owners alike.

According to, the .380-caliber pistol named Ideal Conceal was invented to "be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight." The firearm looks like a smartphone but turns into a 2-shot gun with the click of a lever.

Kirk Kjellberg, the creator of the gun, says that he invented the product after he attracted attention from a child in a restaurant by carrying a concealed weapon.

He hopes for the gun to be on the market by October of 2016 and he has received over 4,000 emails of people are already wanting to buy the $395 pistol.

Some people think that this gun is a great idea, with Ideal Conceal's Facebook page already having over 13,000 likes. But authorities are concerned that this device could pose security threats at public venues, such as airports and such. What are your thoughts on this new piece of 'technology?' To find out more, click HERE.

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