There are many people you should be excited to meet at Geek'd con this year, but there is one I can't wait to meet, the Pink Power Ranger, Catherine Sutherland.

My older brother and I would watch the Power Rangers television show every day before school. I adored the Pink Ranger. Which is why I am super excited to meet her, and you should too!

redit: Araya Diaz / Stringer

Ten Reasons Why You Should Meet Catherine Sutherland at Geek'd Con

  1. She is Australian.
  2. She has done a voice-over as Mira in the game "Pitfall 3D: Beyond The Jungle" for Playstation.
  3. She is the Second Pink Power Ranger.
  4. Also plays as the Pink Zeo Ranger and Pink Turbo Ranger.
  5. She was introduced into the Power Ranger franchise as being a spy for Rita Rapulsa.
  6. She is a working mom with two kids.


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