We were shocked this morning when we realized our 8-foot enclosed trailer was missing. We were even more shocked to find out it had been stolen.

Naturally, we use this trailer quite often, and many staff members use it for our weekly events in and around the Ark-La-Tex. Our first thought was that a staff member had it, but just to be safe, we pulled security footage and couldn't believe what we found.

At about 6:30 AM Saturday morning, a man driving a relatively new, 4-door Ford truck pulled into our parking lot, reversed towards our trailer's hitch, hooked it up and went on his way. It was so natural, and borderline planned, it's as if he owned it!

Sadly, he probably didn't realize he stole from six of the most popular radio stations in Shreveport-Bossier who specialize in getting the word out for these types of things.

So now, we ask for the help of our thousands and thousands of incredible listeners. If you know this man, or know anything at all about this situation, please contact SPD at 318-673-7300 or Crime Stoppers at 318-673-7373. Even if you don't know anything about this, you can still help. Please share this story on your Facebook or other social media platforms to help spread the word and maybe reach someone who can help.

Our trailer is valued at over $5,000 and the suspect middle-aged, seen driving a white, 4-door Ford truck.

Below is our security footage showing the theft.



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