It was the backdrop of a classic remake, but now the western themed movie set has been left abandoned.

"The Magnificent Seven" is a classic film from 1960 that was remade and released in 2016. In addition to scenic areas in Northern Arizona and Abiqulu, the remake was shot in Jackson, LA—a small town north of Baton Rouge near Zachary and St. Francisville.

Not only was a significant amount of filming done in the area, but casting calls were also held and a decent sized set was built for the movie starring Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington.

That set is now abandoned, but an overhead shot that was recently posted to Facebook by Terry L McConnell has many suggesting the movie set become an attraction of some sort. Neighbors who lives about three miles from the set say there is no public access, and anyone who gets too close will be asked to leave.

A friend of mine by the name of Russell Saltzman posted to Facebook saying that he helped to build the set, but this job was a little different than usual, per the land owner's request.

I helped build the whole town for the movie. The land owner wanted it left there. We usually take down everything we build

Do you know anyone who was in the movie? What should they do with the set?

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