Planning a Memorial Day getaway to New Orleans? This might be something you'll need to see.

Everyone knows that the Big Easy has it's fair share of Gentlemen's Clubs. You don't get to host Super Bowls and other major sporting events without the proper entertainment options for players, coaches, and guests.

So we took some time to surf the reviews from our friends at Yelp to come up with a list of the highest rated strip clubs in New Orleans. I am going to make an editorial call on the listings we have here though, because some of the clubs have 3 times the number of reviews than others, so they're going to get a little extra credit.This will change the #1 listing.

If you're going to be hitting the Strip Club Scene while you're on Bourbon, here are the rankings you need:

4. The Penthouse Club - 2.7 on Yelp! with 36 Reviews

3. The Dirty Dime - 4.6 on Yelp! with 11 Reviews

2. Larry Flynt's Barely Legal Club - 4.0 on Yelp! with 44 Reviews

1. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - 4.3 on Yelp! with 37 Reviews


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