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If you used to collect sports cards, but haven't been involved in the hobby over the last three or four years, you would probably be shocked by what's happening. The prices for packs of cards, or boxes of packs, have jumped to insane levels. Which is because of the prices that cards are now selling for.

Over the last year, we've covered some really big sales. Some weeks you will see multiple cards sell on eBay for over $100,000. Sometimes the sales will be for cards of players who haven't even completed a full season at the professional level.

Ever since I've been back into the sports card world, my head has been spinning. I started collecting cards when I was really little, by high school was normally buying dealer tables at sports cards shows to sell and trade cards. I was able to make a little bit of money, have a lot of fun, and learn a lot of lessons.

I drifted out of collecting when my kids were young. At least out of collecting sports cards. I still had my comic books, but I really trimmed down what I was collecting. Now that my kids are older, and I don't have to worry about them getting into a much stuff around the house, I'm safe to start piling up card collections again.

But back in the day when I started collecting, packs of cards were only $3-$10 dollars each, and boxes for $100-$200. Today's sports card world is full of single packs of cards that sell for thousands of dollars.

Those prices are all driven by sales like this one.

LSU fans and Cincinnati Bengals fans love Joe Burrow. At LSU, Burrow put together a season that might be remembered as the greatest quarterback season in college football history. He brought a Heisman Trophy and National Championship to LSU. But in the pros, he's not at legend status yet. He did lead his team to a Division Championship, and a trip to the Playoffs, but that's about it.

Even with less than50 NFL games under his belt, Burrow is still hitting high marks with his card sales. Check out the Joe Burrow rookie card in this video that sold for $40,000 at the very end of last year...

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