It seems like every famous woman on Earth has taken her clothes off in front of a camera at least one time. But there are some celebrities who showed their fanny back before it was cool that might just surprise you. 

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
The conservative talk radio host was humiliated in 1998 when her former mentor sold some nude pics he’d taken of her in the 70′s to an Internet porn site.

Lauren Hutton
When Lauren Hutton posed nude at 61 it was barely a story. Hutton, is a tgap-toothed model and starred in movies like American Gigolo posed nude in 2005.

Neko Case
Country singer, Neko Case stripped it all off for Kutie, a skin rag out of Seattle. The magazine only lasted a few issues.

Helen Mirren
This British actresses has actually is no afraid of nudity be it on-screen or on the page. At the age of 64, Mirren posed in a bathtub for New York Magazine promoting her film ‘Love Ranch.’

Jackie Onassis
In 1971 Jackie O was sunbathing in the nude, photographers saw her in the buff and sold the pictures to Hustler, who published them. Jackie claimed to be publicly horrified by the breach of privacy, but she autographed a copy for Andy Warhol.

Heather Mills
She was a one-legged model and vegetarian who became famous as the wife of Paul McCartney. She stripped down in her younger days for a German magazine.

Belinda Carlisle
Lead singer of the Go-Gos decided to take off everything for Playboy in 2001, promoting the band’s reunion album.

Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller made a career for herself cracking jokes on lots of TV shows, but at a young age she was actually quite attractive. In 1967, she did a photo shoot for Playboy. The pictures were never printed for some unknown reason.

Paula Jones
Paula Jones was the Arkansas state employee who accused, then president, Bill Clinton of sexily harassing her. After the lawsuit was settled, she was deep in debt with legal fees, so she decided to pay for them by posing for Penthouse.

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her cool reserve and many marriages. She never allowed her nude pics to be released to the public. After Taylor’s death in 2011, one single photo taken by then boy-friend Roddy McDowall, was released by a collector. It’s the only one known to be in existence.