Chris Dee

Rangers Pile Runs On The Padres
Last night was another example of how you never want to undermine the Rangers' offense, as they unloaded seven runs on the Padres. I don't think the Padres have scored that many in franchise history!
Interview With New Chancellor of LSU-Shreveport, Paul Sisson
Recently, I sat down with the interim head of Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Paul Sisson.
Sisson took the new position, after the lingering threat of a merger with Louisiana TechUniversity, that would have resulted in the loss of personnel, organizations on campus, and the loss of their hi…
West Side Story: Kings Win The Stanley Cup!
This has been literally a roller coaster year for the Los Angeles Kings, starting off with a sub-.500 record, and struggling on all cylinders, the Kings say "Who cares" and not only defeat the New Jersey Devils 6-1 last night, but they defeated all of the doubters.

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