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Earlier this week Portland Trailblazers guard Damien Lillard was named as the first of three NBA players who would grace the cover of the popular NBA 2K video game.

On Wednesday, after much speculation, it was released that New Orleans Pelicans young phenom Zion Williamson will be the second NBA player named that will make an appearance on the video game's cover.

According to The Undefeated's Marc J. Spears in a video interview, this is a dream come true for Zion.

"It's one of those emotions I'm still processing. It's a dream come true. At those AAU tournaments, you're looking at the cover thinking, 'That's gonna be me.' For it to happen that fast, it's a huge honor."

I'm surprised that he's surprised because I'll say this, no one is surprised that Williamson has been chosen to represent the league on the cover of the video game. He's one of the most transcendent talents we've seen in a while, so personally, it's definitely not a surprise to me.

Zion said he basically grew up playing this game especially while playing AAU basketball during his younger days.

"It's always been a fun game, especially when you're with your friends at AAU tournaments. It's nothing but 2K, 2K tournaments, and whoever thinks they're the best. Sometimes it's meeting up with other teams at the same hotel and seeing how far your 2K skills carry."

There's nothing wrong with a little video game competition to pass the time while on countless road trips while playing on AAU/travel teams. This is really a great honor for Williamson who's played just 19 games in his NBA career, which is crazy to think about but it's well deserved.


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