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Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola bottle with a yellow lid on it? You might have thought that Coke was just running some kind of promotion. They are limited like a promotion would be, but there's no beach towel or vacation you can win with them. No "Coke points" or 800-number to call. These limited lids are actually...religious.

As NBC's Today pointed out last week, Coke is signaling that come of their Coke products are being made kosher, and are identified as such with the yellow lids.

For those who try to keep kosher, especially Jewish people, they have to be careful about what they eat, and where it comes from. In order to keep Kosher, you can only eat meat, poultry, and dairy products that come from Kosher animals, in a Kosher setting, and have been prepared in a Kosher way.

Which brings us back to Coke. Does this mean Coke isn't Kosher?

Based on a 2011 piece from the New York Times, no, Coke is not Kosher. The guilty part? High fructose corn syrup...it's not Kosher.

In a statement to NBC's Today, Coca-Cola said they do offer Kosher products year round, but really ramp up during the Jewish Passover holiday. Here's what their release said:

“The Coca-Cola Company offers products as kosher year-round (KYR) and kosher for Passover (KFP)...In the United States, both Coca-Cola and Diet Coke are available as KYR and KFP in locations where the bottlers have decided to seek certification. Kosher for Passover products can be found in select markets during the Jewish holiday of Passover"

The special yellow topped Coke is only available in heavy supply during the Passover holiday. But this year's Passover ended last weekend, on April 4th, so if you didn't get some already, it might be tough to find.

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