WWE's Royal Rumble might be my favorite Pay Per View, or event period. The match sets up for so much, whether it's returns, debuts, victories, eliminations, team-ups, and saves.

The returns, debuts, and wins all get their fair share of love, but the saves shouldn't be brushed off the way they are. Guys like Kofi Kingston will never win a Royal Rumble, but that doesn't mean they can't have their Royal Rumble moment. Which Kofi has actually had a few of them.

From jumping on tables, to catching on the ropes, there's so many different ways to save yourself in the match. Usually it doesn't lead to a victory (thought it has in the past), but it can lead to a big spotlight, and that can be carried over after the match is done. Not sure who will be the one with a big save this year, but you can bet Kofi Kingston will be looking to add to his resume.

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