We know New Orleans Saints fans will be looking for something else to watch tonight. Kansas City fans have some reasons to avoid the big game too. Honestly, there are a lot fo non-Saints and non-KC NFL fans who are planning to watch something else too. The way the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams found their way into the game have a lot of people in a position to ignore it altogether.

So with the Super Bowl in a weakened position, there are a ton of other entertainment outlets looking to steal some of those potential viewers.

Enter the WWE.

Years ago, the WWE put together their own halftime show for the Super Bowl, featuring two of their biggest stars ever, The Rock (Dewayne Johnson) and Mankind (Mick Foley). That night, the two fought in an empty arena, and stole away plenty of eyes from the NFL.

Tonight, with a game that has boycotts, and a halftime show that has their own separate boycotts, the WWE has put together a solid alternative.

This year's Halftime Heat will feature WWE's NXT brand, with some of the biggest names in the Pro Wrestling world.

Its a show that will feature multiple wrestlers who've held the NXT Championship, and the NXT North American Championship, as well as former NXT Tag Team Champions.

This year's Halftime Heat will likely not be as big as the classic between The Rock and Mankind, but with so many people looking for something else to watch tonight, there will be way more people watching it than you would have expected if the Saints were in the Super Bowl.


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