It's been 4 years since WWE's Wrestlemania was in New Orleans, which is going to be tied for the fastest return to a city in the modern era of pro wrestling. WWE returned to Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA in 2000 after taking the Wrestlemania party there in 1996, which would tie the 4-year-turnaround that New Orleans is getting.

Of course, back in the day, Atlantic City, NJ hosted back to back Wrestlemanias in 1988 and 1989, but that was a WHOLE different era.

You could even argue that the 1996-2000 span was a completely different era as well. It was deep in the heart of the Attitude Era, where competition was heavy, and butts in seats were harder to come by. No, that doesn't mean pro wrestling was LESS popular then, that statement is more about the available competition in the late 90s compared to now.

Lets continue to use the Wrestlemanias we've already brought up for examples.

In 1988 and 1989 in Atlantic City, each show had just over 18,000 people. Oddly enough, those are roughly the same numbers that WWE saw in Anaheim in the late 90s. The event drew 18,853 people in 1996, and 18,034 in 2000.

But after that point, WCW went out of business, and WWE assumed the complete leadership role in pro wrestling.

If you remove Wrestlemania 3 at the Pontiac Silverdome from the list, every Wrestlemania that hosted over 70,000 people took place after 2007. Meaning there's way more competition now for cities to host the event, and more people filling up arenas.

So to have New Orleans get two Wrestlemanias in 4 years in this climate is super impressive. Let us also factor in that Dallas hosted Wrestlemania 32 in 2016, which is essentially in the same region as New Orleans. I think that makes this feat even crazier.

Congrats to New Orleans. Can't wait to enjoy this madness!

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