How much should a married couple talk about their careers? I would think a lot, at least in my household, we talk work all the time. I'm not really sure how healthy it is, but I'm pretty sure it's common. But I'm sure I have friends who never talk work with their spouses, so maybe it's a 50/50.

Which is the way it sounds the NFL is too, at least with this small sample size. Here's what I'm talking about; would quarterbacks in the NFL tell their wives about their concussions? The Louisiana Radio Network has more:

"Saints Quarterback Drew Brees told the Dan Patrick Show that he would not tell his wife, Brittany, if he had suffered a concussion. Brees made the comments in response to Tom Brady’s wife, who said Brady has had multiple concussions including one last year. Brees says he wouldn’t want his wife to worry about it. The Saints QB also said on the Dan Patrick Show that the NFL’s proposal to limit overtime to 10 minutes is a bad idea and he prefers the overtime in college football."

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