The Washington NFL franchise known as the "Redskins" since 1933 has ditched the controversial nickname and is now called the "Washington Football Team." According to Fox News, the team has retired its logo and symbol and is trying to erase it from all physical and digital presences it has been.

The name change is temporary, for now. While it has been laughed for its simplicity and genericness, a listener did point out to me that many soccer clubs are identified very similarly, with the name of the city and "FC" at the end of it.

There were many good nicknames that were passed over in the temporary naming announcement - Redtails, Red Wolves, and Veterans, just to name a few. Philip Martin McCauley, a self-pronounced fan of the franchise, made the choice of a new nickname much more difficult by trademarking those three nicknames, as well as dozens more, according to CNN.

The new temporary name change is likely to continue making the franchise the butt of many jokes until it officially changes it to include a formidable nickname.

With that being said, I'd like to highlight what I believe are the worst team nicknames I've ever heard. From the Nads of the Rhode Island School of Design (Yes, the Nads, which is the nickname for the hockey team; Balls is the nickname for the basketball team) to the Utah Jazz (the name just doesn't go with the city like it did when the Jazz were in New Orleans), weird and terrible nicknames abound from High School to College to the Professional Ranks.

As a preview to my list, WATCH the ESPN TV ad on the Watersmeet High School (Michigan) Nimrods.I love how they own their unique yet awful nickname.


Worst Sports Team Nicknames You Will Ever Hear




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