More and more people are call 911 when their order is wrong at some of the fast food restaurants.

Donna Nichols isn’t the first person to complain to 911 about her fast food order.

As far as I know, Donna is the first person to call 911 to complain about Hardee’s.

Donna Nichols called 911 twice, according to a police report, and the police were dispatched to her house. When they arrived,  she said she “had purchased a meal from the Hardee’s in Rockwood and that the hamburger tasted funny.”

Nichols said she had called the restaurant in question before making the call to 911.  They had offered to refund or replace her burger but that wasn't enough to make her happy. It looks like she believed her burger’s bad smell made it a stinking criminal offense.

They hauled her in for abuse of the 911 system. I'll bet she used her one phone call to complain about the prison food.

Burger King, McDonald’s and Subway have all had people call 911 on them too.

Watch the 911 call about Subway


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