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Back in 2009, a bunch of guys from Texas & AM who loved sports and comedy started a YouTube Channel where they posted incredible trick shots videos. Their first video got over 200,000 views. Their second video, amassed over 18 million views. Since that moment, the group now known as Dude Perfect, has become a global sensation.

The original 'Dude Perfect' channel has over 53 million subscribers on YouTube (the 18th most subscribed to channel on YouTube), they also now have two other YouTube Channels with their own large following. Plus, on top of their YouTube and television, they have their very own live show where the group performs stunts and challenges in front of a live audience.

That live stage show is coming to Shreveport-Bossier on October 17th. Dude Perfect will be performing at Brookshire Grocery Arena and you could be there on us. We have 10 pairs of tickets up for grabs. And all you have to do to get them is fill out the form below.

We'll draw winners on October 14th. So, sign up now before the contest ends.

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