Willis Knighton Health System has filed a motion in court to have the anti-trust lawsuit against them from BRF dismissed. BRF claims that WK has been working behind the scenes in an attempt to sabotage their partnership with the state and LSU.  In the motion, WK included hundreds of pages of documents including a deposition from LSU president F. King Alexander.

In that deposition, Alexander bluntly stated that LSU doesn't take orders from their partners and that at no point does he feel WK attempted to coerce or threaten him into ending LSU's partnership with BRF.

"We don't take orders from any of our partners," Alexander said in the deposition. "We just try to work with as many partners as possible."

In the paperwork, Willis Knighton also argues that it's immune from antitrust complaints because of its partnership with LSU. WK is expected to file paperwork for dismissal on the behalf of Vantage Health, who is also being sued in the case, later this week.

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