The state of Louisiana has this weird trait of being able to get rained on any time. The moisture in the air is usually so thick it feels like you're swimming when walking outside. This perpetual humidity means it could decide to rain pretty much any time.

So whenever the state has a weather event moving towards it, people always start to question how this will go. When a hurricane is coming in, how with the volatile nature of our air treat it? If there's a snowstorm heading in, how much will our moist air help fuel that? When a death ridge is pushing across the United States how...wait...Death Ridge?

Yes, a "death ridge" is a weather event that is familiar with forecasters and especially storm chasers. When describing a "death ridge", USA Today said:

'(the death ridge) will bring calm winds and bone-dry conditions, in addition to the extreme heat. (A "ridge" is an area of high atmospheric pressure, one that prevents clouds and rain from forming.)'

So wait, a "death ridge" features "calm winds" and "bone-dry conditions"? That doesn't sound as threatening as the name "death ridge". Well, it turns out, the "death" in "death ridge" is given to it by storm chasers, and the death they're referring to is of the storm. So a "death ridge" kills major storm activity.

Online meteorologist Ryan Hall breaks down what a "death ridge" is, and how its about to make our weather weirder than its been...

So there are some periods over the next week for Louisiana to be struck by severe weather. But it looks like the "death ridge" might actually bring some calm to the Louisiana weather. Now...this is all weather prediction, which means its got a really good chance of being totally wrong too.

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