Let's face it folks, with all of our neighboring states opened up 100% with a mask mandate, it's only a matter of time before Louisiana follows suit. Even before we see a 100% wide-open Louisiana, we already see signs that we're oh so very close.

Don't believe me? Head out to any bar in Shreveport-Bossier on the weekends. You'll see big crowds until the wee hours of the night. Yet, nightclubs are still unable to open without hindering restrictions such as no dancing and no congregating. Naturally, those two are vitally important to a nightclub.

However, once Louisiana takes that next step towards reopening, I believe we could see a nightclub finally give it a go in Shreveport-Bossier.

Now, the real question we all want to know is..... Which nightclub will that be? The best possibility would be the triumphant return of Big Country in Bossier City.

One could argue that when it comes to the list of local establishments affected by COVID-19, Big Country is at the very top of that list. Like most businesses, Big Country was forced to abruptly close their doors last March, without knowing when they'll be able to open them again. When it comes to Shreveport-Bossier nightclubs prior to the pandemic, Big Country was our areas #1 party destination. Yet throughout the pandemic, while bars and restaurants opened back up and remained open, Big Country couldn't open up in a profitable way.

Although they did open up their small grill area only for a very short amount of time, the nightclub as a whole could never possibly turn a profit under the extreme restrictions handed down.

Will that possibly change soon? One would think if Louisiana joins other states and opens at 100%, we could see the return of Big Country and/or other Shreveport-Bossier nightclubs.

I surely hope so.



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